Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.




In the archaeological department the influence of man on the landscape is shown. Man has used the landscape, but has also created it. This leads to various stories hidden in the landscape, stories about geology, archaeology, nature, daily life and religion. These stories help us understand the distant past. 

One can find impressive mammoth bones, unique Neanderthal finds, objects from hunebedden (megalithic grave monuments) and burial mounds, the oldest boat in the World and of course the bog bodies. Look at and listen to the background to the drama of Yde Girl in the Yde theatre.

The department consists of two parts: on the ground floor in the white space man is the focal point; the dark basement focuses on the treasure-trove of the landscape and the bog bodies.   

The Archaeological department is situated in the old part of the museum, on the ground floor and in the underpass.

We are currently preparing a new presentation on the History of Drenthe. For this reason, the Archeology, History of Drenthe and Contemporary Realism collections are temporarily not available.