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Contemporary Realism

During the last few decades, the Drents Museum was one of the few Dutch museums to collect contemporary realistic art. The museum has over 1.500 works by artists such as Henk Helmantel, Matthijs Röling, Wout Muller, Pieter Pander, Sam Drukker, Douwe Elias, Barend Blankert and Berend Groen.

On November 11, 2010, the ING Bank gave 273 works of art by 51 artists to the Drents Museum. This gift meant that the Drents Museum now has one of the most prominent collections of contemporary realistic art in the Netherlands.

We are currently preparing a new presentation on the History of Drenthe. For this reason, the Archeology, History of Drenthe and Contemporary Realism collections are temporarily not available.