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History of Drenthe

We are currently preparing a new presentation on the History of Drenthe. For this reason, the Archeology, History of Drenthe and Contemporary Realism collections are temporarily not available.

After more than 150 years of intensive compilation, the collection of the History of Drenthe with its 35,000 objects from the period 1650-1940 is largely complete and offers a representative cross-section of the material culture of the "Old Landscape of Drenthe”.

This collection includes the historical collection (a collection of historical objects and utensils that document life in and around the house), the crafts collection (glass, tin, copper, porcelain, earthenware and silver objects made or used in Drenthe), textile and costume collection (regional and urban dress, military and office uniforms, associated accessories and regional jewelery), the historical topographical atlas (photos, films, videos, postcards) and the collection of old Drenthe art (paintings and work on paper made by Drenthe artists or by artists who worked in the province before 1950).