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Request loans

The Drents Museum has a generous policy when it comes to lending objects for exhibitions and presentations. Annually, around 300 collection items are loaned to exhibitions at home and abroad. In principle, only professional parties can borrow items from the collection. There are a number of conditions attached to borrowing objects.

Before a loan is promised, the readiness to travel and the condition of the work are assessed, in addition to availability. The decision also takes into account the circumstances of the requesting institution. The administrative and practical handling of a loan needs time, which is why loan requests must be sent to the Drents Museum no later than three months before the start date of the loan. Your request must contain the following information:

•    Reason for application (exhibition, etc.) and brief description of the project
•    A specified item list with inventory numbers
•    Start date and end date of loan (including exhibition dates)
•    Contact person of the institution requesting the loan (name, position, telephone, postal address, e-mail)
•    An up-to-date facility report from the institution

The application must be sent by letter to the director:

Drents Museum
Attn. Harry Tupan, general director
PO Box 134
NL-9400 AC Assen

Costs arising from the loan (such as packaging, transport) will be charged. Click here for the general terms and conditions of the Drents Museum. For more information or questions about submitting a loan application, please contact the Collection Management department at