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Do I have to show a corona pass at the entrance? 
From 25 February onwards, all measures in our museum will expire. This means that it is no longer mandatory to show a QR code. 

What measures are currently in place in the museum?
From 25 February onwards, all measures in our museum will cease to apply. This means that it is no longer necessary to show a QR code, wear a face mask or keep a distance. Of course, you are free to wear a mouth mask. Please be considerate of other visitors and employees. Our museum will continue to work with time slots, so we advise you to order a ticket in advance. 

What is a corona pass? 
A corona pass is proof that you have been vaccinated, tested negative or that you have had corona before. You can download your corona pass online or request a paper version via

Do I have to wear a face mask in the museum?
No, since 18 February it is no longer compulsory to wear a face mask in our museum.

Why do I have to reserve a time slot?
To allow many visitors to see the exhibition, we want to spread the visitors out over the day as much as possible. That is why we work with time slots.

Are individual tickets also for sale? 
A limited number of individual tickets are available for sale at the museum’s box office, depending on the range of our maximum visitors permit. However, we urge you to buy your ticket online whenever possible. You are then assured of an admission ticket. This also allows us to spread our visitors out over the day and offer as many visitors as possible a safe and pleasant museum experience.

What if it gets too busy in the museum?
We do everything possible to spread our visitors over the day (see question about time slots) and throughout the building. There is a lot to see, not only in the Frida Kahlo exhibition. Of course, it is possible that a certain spot will get crowded from time to time. In that case we would kindly ask you to visit one of our other exhibitions first, or to drink a cup of coffee and come back a little later. We expect you to take this into account and accept your responsibility. 

I have already bought an admission ticket, but I don't have a corona pass. Can I cancel the ticket and ask for a refund?
You can always test for access and save that in your CoronaCheck app. That is also valid as a corona pass. For refund options, please visit:

Frida ticket FAQs 

What are the dates of the exhibition?  
The exhibition Viva La Frida! will run from 8 October 2021 until 18 April 2022. 

I do not have a ticket yet. When can I order tickets?  
Please order tickets on our Frida ticket page

I have already bought a ticket last year. Can I still use it?  
Yes, you can use your ticket. You have received a new ticket with the correct date.

Can I exchange my ticket?  
If available, you can exchange your ticket for another date or time. Should you wish to use this option, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing: 



What is the (new) exhibition period? 
The Viva la Frida! exhibition takes place from 8 October 2021 to 18 April 2022. 

Will the exhibition Viva la Frida! - Life and art of Frida Kahlo be extended? 
We have good news! The exhibition Viva la Frida! - Life and art of Frida Kahlo is being extended for three more weeks. That means you can enjoy the works and personal belongings of Frida Kahlo through April 18, 2022 instead of March 27, 2022. 

Is the Frida Kahlo exhibition in the Drents Museum the same exhibition as in the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen?
No, they are different exhibitions.

In the Cobra Museum in Amstelveen, the Gelman collection was on display. In addition to Frida's work, it also included work by Mexican Modernists such as Diego Rivera.
In Viva la Frida! in the Drents Museum, two important Frida Kahlo collections from Mexico are shown together for the first time: that of Museo Dolores Olmedo and that of Museo Frida Kahlo. More than 40 works of art and many photographs and personal objects of Frida Kahlo can be admired there.
Museo Dolores Olmedo has the largest Kahlo collection in the world! The collection was started by the Mexican Dolores Olmedo, who began collecting the works of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera in 1955. 
The Museo Frida Kahlo collection includes photographs, drawings, clothes, jewellery and painted corsets by Kahlo. This extraordinary collection of personal belongings was discovered in 2004 in the Blue House, where Frida lived all her life and where Museo Frida Kahlo is now located. 

Are your opening hours adjusted during the Frida Kahlo exhibition?
Yes, during the exhibition Viva la Frida! our opening hours are longer than usual. We are open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 and on Friday we are also open in the evening, until 22:00.* There are a few exceptions, namely 8 October, 24 December and 31 December. On these three Fridays we do close earlier. More about opening hours.


When can I buy tickets?
Order your tickets before your visit. This is possible via our Frida ticket page. There are tickets available with or without lectures. 

Is it possible to change or return tickets?
In principle tickets for Viva la Frida! cannot be returned. When buying a ticket you agree with our general conditions. These state that there can be no refund of a ticket, once bought. 

It is possible to exchange tickets for another date and time (if available), up to 2 weeks before the ticket date. After that date, exchanging tickets is no longer possible. Of course, ticket holders are free to resell their tickets in their own network or, for example, via Ticketswap. Please note: The Drents Museum cannot be held responsible for invalid tickets purchased via third parties. 

Does the start time of my ticket apply to the museum or to the exhibition?
The start time or time period of your ticket indicates from which moment you are welcome in the museum. You are expected between your starting time and half an hour after that. Once you are inside, you can stay as long as you like and decide when to visit the exhibition about Frida Kahlo and the other parts of our museum.


Why is there a surcharge on the regular admission price?
All exhibitions cost money. With the proceeds from ticket sales, but also from shop and catering revenue, we can realise beautiful exhibitions with accompanying programmes for all age groups.  
Viva la Frida! is one of the most expensive exhibitions the museum has ever held. The two collections that are now being brought together for the first time are world-famous, which means extra costs. These include substantial loan fees, transport and set-up costs and insurance costs. This is a unique opportunity for the museum to show these special collections to the Dutch public and we can only organise this by asking the public for a one-off payment as part of the cover for the costs incurred. 

Why do Museumkaart holders have to pay a surcharge?
Museumkaart holders make up more than half of our total number of visitors. They only pay the surcharge of 10 euro, not the regular entrance fee of 15 euro. The Museum Card Foundation reimburses some of the lost revenue from the regular entrance fee. With the proceeds from the surcharge, among other things, we can show this exhibition to the Dutch public and at the same time ensure that Museum Card holders have an advantage over non-Museum Card holders. 

I forgot my Museum Card during my visit. What do I do now?
We are sorry to hear that you were unable to show your Museumkaart when you visited our museum. The terms and conditions of use of the Museumkaart - article 4 - state that you will only be admitted to a museum on presentation of an original Museumkaart. A cardholder who is in possession of a valid Museumkaart but who - for whatever reason - is unable to show it on the spot is not entitled to admission. This means that you must pay the full price for the visit and that no refunds can be made afterwards.

I have a Vriendenloterij VIP-card. Do I have to pay a surcharge as well?
No, visitors with a Vriendenloterij VIP-card do not have to pay surcharges. 

Why does someone with a Vriendenloterij VIP-card (formerly BGL VIP) not have to pay a surcharge?
The Vriendenloterij is part of the BlockBuster Fund (BBF). The BBF sponsors Viva la Frida! The costs for the first 3.000 VIP-card holders are borne by the Vriendenloterij. For all other VIP-cards sold, the museum receives a generous compensation. 

Can I bring along a guest with my Vriendenloterij VIP-card?
Yes, the Vriendenloterij VIP-card gives access for a maximum of 2 persons. Look here for more information.

I forgot my Vriendenloterij VIP-card during my visit. What do I do now?
If you can't show an original, valid VIP-card during your visit, you can unfortunately not make use of the discount which our museum uses for VIP-card holders. This means that you will have to pay the full price of your visit and that there can be no refund afterwards. If you have additional questions about this, you can always contact the Customer Service of the Vriendenloterij.

Why do I have to pay the surcharge if I don't want to visit Viva la Frida!, but only come for another presentation?
We know from research that more than 98% of our visitors come especially for the blockbuster exhibitions in the main hall. These visitors usually go to other parts of the museum afterwards, but that is not the main reason for their visit. In addition, only a very small number of our visitors come solely for a specific other presentation. And of these visitors, a large proportion does pay a (sometimes short) visit to our blockbuster exhibition. This means that almost all of our visitors also see our Frida Kahlo presentation.
Because it is very difficult for us to make a distinction between the reasons to visit and the fact that we are dealing with a very small number of visitors, we have taken the decision to charge all visitors with the same tariff during the Frida Kahlo exhibition, i.e. the entrance fee with surcharge. This surcharge only applies during the period of Viva la Frida!

Can I use my Museum Card to visit the exhibition a second time without paying the additional fee?
Unfortunately, this is not possible for this exhibition due to the complexity of time slots, online ticketing and the administrative processing thereof.



I have bought tickets without a lecture, but now I would like to attend a lecture. Can I exchange my tickets?
You are welcome to attend the lecture, if there are still lecture tickets available. However, you will need a lecture ticket (the lecture price is €6). It is technically not possible to change the regular tickets (that you already have) to lecture tickets. The solution is to buy your lecture tickets yourself and we will refund the regular tickets. If you want to do this, please contact
Please note: this is only possible if lecture tickets are still available and no later than 4 days before the day of your visit.

I am coming for a lecture and museum visit. At what time and where can I enter?
If you are visiting the museum with a lecture, then the lecture is the start of your visit. After the lecture you can visit the exhibition. You are welcome at the group entrance (Brink 3) and we open our doors half an hour before the start of the lecture.  

Can I visit the museum before my lecture?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. If you buy a ticket with lecture, the lecture is the start of your visit. There are lectures available at 11.30, 14.00 and 15.30 (while stocks last). After the lecture, you can visit the exhibition. You can then stay in the museum as long as you like.



How do I get to the Drents Museum?
Our museum is easily accessible by train, bus and car. There are plenty of paid parking facilities in the vicinity. Here you can find more information on how to get to us.

Can I buy a Museum Card at your museum?
This is possible, but due to the expected crowds at the ticket office, we advise you to buy the card in advance. The Museum Card can be ordered online

Do you work with the corona pass?
See the page A safe museum visit for all information on using the corona pass and other corona-related matters. 

What are quiet times to visit the museum?
The official school holidays and weekends are generally the busiest days. On weekdays, you have the best chance of quiet periods at 10.00 in the morning or at the end of the day from 16.00 onwards. Friday evenings are also relatively quiet at the moment. 




Do you have another question about tickets? Then please contact We welcome questions about the content of the exhibition at