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Talks (in Dutch)

There are Viva la Frida! tickets available with or without readings. Please note that all talks are in Dutch.

The price of a 'ticket with reading' is € 6.00 higher than the price of a regular ticket. The talks are given in the Statenzaal, which is accessible fifteen minutes before the start time. Due to expected crowds, we ask you to arrive on time. The talk will last approximately one hour. 

Viva la Frida! talk (in Dutch)

Everyone knows Frida. At least the image of the woman with flowers in her hair and the unibrow. But who is really hiding behind this image? During the reading Viva la Frida!, our museum lecturers will gladly take you on a journey through the turbulent life of the world's greatest female artist and symbol of feminism: Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). Along the way you will get to know restless Mexico from just after the revolution, the family of Frida and her remarkable husband and wall painter Diego Rivera. The colourful works of Frida form the common thread during this talk. Together these works tell her fascinating life story.

The 'Viva la Frida! lecture' is offered on a number of Fridays and Sundays.
Please note that the number of tickets available for this is limited. When ordering tickets, you can see for which dates there are still tickets.


Tickets with Viva la Frida! talk