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Chinese tour of the exhibition  The Great Liao

Would you like to enjoy a tour of the Drents Museum with a professional guide? To give your visit greater depth? Or would you like to know more than we tell individual visitors? 
That can be arranged with a special visit to our major Chinese archaeological exhibition The Great Liao - Khitan Relics from Inner-Mongolia, China (907-1125). Wandering round the spectacularly designed exhibition you will imagine yourself in the vast steppes of Central Asia. The Drents Museum in Assen would like to accommodate you and all our international visitors in the best way we can. 

That’s why we offer multiple guided tours in different languages, among which are Dutch, English and German. In cooperation with the Confucius Institute in Groningen an extra Chinese tour of The Great Liao has been specially organised. Experienced Chinese guides  from the Confucius Institute will take you on a guided tour of the valuable objects of the Liao dynasty, the ultimate highlight of which is the gold death mask of the Princess of Chen.

Intended audience: adults
When: on request (untill 29 octobre)
Duration: 75 minutes
Admission: € 5,00 per person (excluding museum admission), with a minimum of 10 group visitors

Would you like to book a group visit? Please contact our booking office at We recommend booking your visit at least two weeks in advance, in view of the popularity of our guided tours. Otherwise there’s a chance that we won’t be able to accommodate you on your date of choice.​

A preview of our Chinese guide Ming Wen’s tour of the exhibition The Great Liao: