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Barend Blankert

‘The people I portray do not know that they are being watched.’ As a viewer, therefore, you feel almost ashamed to bother them. It is the same with this Zelfportret als mens (Self-portrait as a Person):[PA1]  a supreme example of the unique world that Barend Blankert (1941) created around himself. It is a world that seems characterized by loneliness. Time seems to stand still. Colours and composition have been used masterfully to enhance this effect. A painting like this is created by observing, sketching, posing, photographing the pose, drawing the pose on transparent paper and finally painting it on panel. The painting is part of the special gift of the ING collection to the Drents Museum in 2010. The gift made the museum’s collection of contemporary realism one of the most prominent in the Netherlands.

Barend Blankert, Zelfportret als mens (Self-portrait as a Person), 1995