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Theo Colenbrander

When he turned 80, the dream of Theo Colenbrander (1841-1930) was finally realized. The Ram ceramics factory was established especially for him, to produce ceramics from his designs without compromise. This is remarkable because these were uniquely innovative in their bright colours, dashing lines and virtually abstract décor. The designs were often inspired by elements from nature. If you look carefully, you can recognize a butterfly and a pond in this vase with the Vertigo décor. Colenbrander always selected the best clay and the finest colours. Only total perfection was good enough. He was a pioneer of applied art and not only designed ceramics but also carpets, book covers, buildings and interiors. Colenbrander was far in advance of his age and is still an inspiration.

Theo Colenbrander, Halsvaas met decor ‘Draaierig’ (Long-neck vase with Vertigo décor), 1921-1924