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This promotion is closed. You can no longer apply.

Do you think you are the biggest Frida Kahlo fan? Then we are looking for you. In the coming edition of the Drents Museum Magazine, we are going to make a portrait series 'I AM FRIDA' with Kahlo fans (young and old) in heart and soul. Is Frida Kahlo of great significance to you? Or has she been? How did you become inspired by the artist? And what does your fascination with the life, work or philosophy of Frida Kahlo consist of and how does it express itself in your daily life?  

Do you have a special story? Then send it in before August 11 using the form below. Please include a picture with your story that shows your fascination. From all entries we will select at least four Frida fans whose stories will be featured in our magazine. *

Will your story be featured in our magazine? Then you will receive two tickets for the exhibition Viva la Frida and a special Viva la Frida bag filled with all kinds of Frida items. 

* The interviews will take place in the period from August 12 to 27.