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Johanna van Eijbergen and Merlijne Marell

In the spring of 2022, the Drents Museum will open a retrospective exhibition of the artist Johanna van Eijbergen (1865-1950). Van Eijbergen was the only female designer of metal art around 1900. For this exhibition, the museum is collaborating with illustrator Merlijne Marell. By working with a contemporary artist, the Drents Museum shows that art around 1900 is still a source of inspiration for designers today.

Currently there is renewed attention for artistically designed utensils within the world of Dutch Design. The Drents Museum would like to make the connection between the past and the present, and has therefore invited a contemporary artist to create new work that is inspired by the art of Van Eijbergen. This new work will form part of the exhibition.

Merlijne Marell

Merlijne Marell is an independent designer and illustrator. She was educated at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and the School of Arts in Ghent. For the past three weeks she has stayed in the Drents Museum’s artist residency: Studio DM. During her stay in Assen, Marell was inspired by Johanna van Eijbergen. She visited the museum depot where she could take a closer look at Van Eijbergen's works, made her first sketches in Studio DM’s workshop and visited the museum several times to get a good idea of the exhibition space. For the exhibition Johanna van Eijbergen, Marell will make a number of drawings that will be presented in the exhibition space and included in the book that will be published to accompany the exhibition.

Johanna van Eijbergen
Johanna van Eijbergen's metal art designs were executed between 1904 and 1910 by the Hengelo manufacturer G. Dikkers & Co. The vases, bowls and many other objects are characterized by wonderful decorations of stylized flowers and animals, especially insects, butterflies and fish. Although Van Eijbergen was only active as a metal artist for ten years, she was able to make full use of her talent. With the exhibition Johanna van Eijbergen (1865-1950) - Markante Metaalkunstenaar, the museum puts this remarkable artist in the spotlight and explains her contribution to Dutch art around 1900.