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What is your story?

Take a look at these paintings. According to Deborah Poynton, the three paintings are not about anything. At least, she isn't trying to say anything with them. However, she does hide hints in the paintings, so that a story develops for you. We are looking for such a story for the opening of the exhibition Deborah Poynton – Beyond Belief!

Little Girl Lost 2          


Viewing Poynton's work is a personal experience. The story that comes to your mind is different from that of someone else. There is no right or wrong. All ideas and associations are welcome in the world of Deborah Poynton.

Your story
The online opening of the Beyond Belief exhibition will take place on Saturday 10 July. Would you like to tell your story next to one of the works of art during the opening? Then leave your details via the button below. Who knows, you may soon be able to tell your story on camera. *

The Labours of Hercules        

Beyond Belief
From 11 July to 3 October 2021, the monumental paintings by the South African artist Deborah Poynton (Durban, 1970) can be seen in the Abbey Church of the Drents Museum. The beauty of the paintings attracts visitors and gives them the feeling of entering a new world. The artworks are painted with great attention to the smallest detail. In the exhibition Deborah Poynton - Beyond Belief, the Drents Museum presents the most recent work by Deborah Poynton. She made the painting Beyond Belief especially for this exhibition. The exhibition in Assen is Poynton's first museum exhibition in Europe.

* The recordings will take place in the museum and will be made in the week before the opening. Please indicate when registering which day and time suits you best. If you are younger than 18, ask your parents/guardians for permission in advance!