Opening hours:

open: Tue to Sun 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
closed: March 27 to April 15



Who's who?


Mr H.R. (Harry) Tupan
General director 

Ms Annelies Meuleman
Business Director


Human Resources

Ms Jeanette Roorda
Department head


Mr JelleHoll, MA, BEc
Financial Controller

Ms Annemiek Rens MA
Chief Curator
Curator of Art 1885-1935

Mr Bastiaan Steffens RMA
Curator of Archaeology

Mr drs. J. (Jan) van Zijverden
Curator of History

Ms Suzanne Rus MA
Curator of external relations

Ms F. (Floor) van Heuvel MA
Junior curator Beringer Hazewinkel
Contemporary Art

Ms Eva van Diggelen
Head of Exhibitions

Collection, Presentation and Education

Mr drs. P. (Peter) Schonewille
Project leader New Collection Presentation

Ms Carola Steenbergen
Head of Collection management

Ms Rianne Schoonderbeek
Head of Education and Participation

Visitor Services

Ms Ellen ter Hofstede
Department head

Mr Paul Klarenbeek
Head of Marketing, Communication and Events

Mr Ruurd de Jager
Museum shop coordinator

Ms Ida Schmidt
Event manager

Mr Johannes Weggemans
ICT coordinator

Ms Marion Boersma
Development coordinator

Ms Renée Legebeke
Development coordinator

Mr drs. Klaas Albert Blom
Volunteers coordinator