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Until 7 Oct, Tue - Sun: 11 am - 5 pm
From Oct 8, Mon to Sun: 10 am - 6 pm,
Fri: 10 am - 10 pm
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Who's who?


Mr H.R. (Harry) Tupan
General director 

Ms A. (Annelies) Meuleman
Business Director


Human Resources

Ms J. (Jeanette)  Roorda
Department head


Mr J. (Jelle) Holl
Head Financie

Collection, Presentation and Education

Mr P. (Peter) Schonewille
Exhibition coordinator

Ms A. (Annemiek) Rens, MA
Chief Curator
Curator of Art 1885-1935

Mr B.J.W. (Bastiaan) Steffens (RMA)
Curator of Archaeology

Ms Dr F. (Floor) Huisman
Curator of Archaeology

Mr J. (Jan) van Zijverden
Curator of History

Mevrouw R. (Rannilt) Pol
Conservator Kunst in opleiding

Ms C. (Carola) Steenbergen
Head of Collection management

Ms R. (Rianne) Schoonderbeek
Education coordinator

Visitor Services

Ms E. (Ellen) ter Hofstede
Department head

Mr P. (Paul) Klarenbeek
Marketing and Communications coordinator

Mr R. (Ruurd) de Jager
Museum shop coordinator


Mr H. Hylke) Zikken
Operations Manager

Ms M. (Mayra) Hoogesteger

Ms I. (Ida) Schmidt

Mr J. (Johannes) Weggemans
ICT coordinator

Ms M. (Marion) Boersma
Development coordinator

Mr Drs. K. (Klaas Albert) Blom
Volunteers coordinator