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The Drents Museum and the Kunsthalle Emden spare no effort for their survey of American Realism

The American Dream - American Realism 1945 - 2017: one exhibition, two venues! From 19 November 2017 to 27 May 2018, the Drents Museum (Assen, Netherlands) and the Kunsthalle Emden (Emden, Germany) are presenting a spectacular overview of American Realism with work by artists such as Edward Hopper, Andy Warhol, Andrew Wyeth, Alice Neel, Roy Lichtenstein, Stone Roberts, Alex Katz, and Chuck Close. The international double exhibition is on view concurrently in Assen and Emden. 
In total, there are more than 200 works of art spread over both museums. The Drents Museum focuses on the period 1945-1965, while the Kunsthalle Emden features works from 1965 to the present. Never before has such a comprehensive overview of American Realism been mounted in Europe. 

Cross-Border Double Exhibition
Grouped around the themes Man, City, Landscape, Genre, and Still Life, the Drents Museum and the Kunsthalle Emden offer a fascinating view of the American way of life. Works from major American museums, corporate and private collections, lead the visitor on a journey through post-war American culture. In addition to an art historical overview, American history, political and social movements are also illuminated by means of video and music fragments in the exhibition space. Moreover, each museum is presenting a selection of related works from the period highlighted in the partner museum. It is the first time in Europe that two museums have joined forces to mount a single major (international) exhibition. 

Publication The American Dream 
The exhibition is accompanied by a richly illustrated book in Dutch and in German, WBOOKS (Zwolle). It costs € 24.95 and is available at the Museum Shop. 

Website The American Dream 
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Press photographs of works in The American Dream Drents Museum and Kunsthalle Emden 
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Captions (from left to right, top to bottom) 

Drents Museum: Edward Hopper (1882-1967), Morning Sun, 1952, oil on canvas, 71,44 x 101,93 cm, Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio: Museum Purchase, Howald Fund
Kunsthalle Emden: Andy Warhol, Paul Anka, 1976, acrylic and silk-screen ink on canvas, 101,5 x 101,5 cm © 2017 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc./The Artists Rights Society, New York. Courtesy Hall Art Foundation

Drents Museum: Alice Neel (1900-1984), Sunset in Spanish Harlem, 1958, oil on canvas, 99,06 x 55,88 cm, collectie of AXA US

Drents Museum: Fairfield Porter (1907-1975), October interior, 1963, oil on canvas, 142,2 x 182,9 cm, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville, Arkansas. Fotografie: Dwight Primiano

Drents Museum (epiloog): Ralph Goings (1928), Amsterdam Diner, 1980, oil on canvas, 111,8 x 149,9 cm, Courtesy of Louis K. & Susan P. Meisel, New York Courtesy: The estate of Ralph Goings

Kunsthalle Emden: Stone Roberts (*1951), Grand Central Terminal: An early December Noon in the Main Concourse, 2009 -2012, oil on canvas, 188 x 193 cm © Stone Roberts, Courtesy of The William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation Inc. Louis-Dreyfus Family Collection

Drents Museum: Alex Katz (1927), Self Portrait, 1960, oil on canvas, 76,84 x 66,04 cm, collectie of AXA US