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31 January 2024

Plans approved for De Buitenplaats’

Good news! The Tynaarlo municipal council has voted in favour of the future plans for ensemble De Buitenplaats. This means that De Buitenplaats will become a full-fledged part of our museum. Drents Museum De Buitenplaats will open in 2024! This will give Eelde a unique museum that is the only one in the Netherlands focusing on art nouveau.

The museum was built in 1996 and designed by Alberts & Van Huut Architects on behalf of the Van Groeningen family. The 17th-century building the Nijsinghhuis is also part of the ensemble. It is known for its monumental murals by painters Wout Muller, Clary Mastenbroek, Matthijs Röling, Olga Wiese and Pieter Pander, who are also represented in our collection.

The connection with the village is very important for the new museum. We are also very much looking forward to the collaboration with Museum De Buitenplaats and Het Drentse Landschap, which will become the owner of the buildings and land of the De Buitenplaats ensemble.

De Fierljepper, Elisabeth Varga, bronze, 1984

Details Nijsinghhuis by Matthijs Röling and Wout Muller, c/o Pictoright Amsterdam.