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Studio DM

Studio DM is our artist residence. Artists can stay here temporarily and be inspired by Drenthe, our museum and the current exhibitions.

The stylishly furnished residence has four privately furnished bedrooms in a 1935s house, a shared living room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a southeast-facing garden. The attic is furnished as a studio space.

The house is located in the oldest street, which is part of the area that can be called 'the cradle' of Assen. You imagine yourself back in time. Although the house dates from the 20th century, the history of the street goes back much further. Around 1600, Kloosterstraat was nothing more than a path lined with buildings belonging to the monastery.

Studio DM is easily accessible and is within walking distance of the Drents Museum, the center of Assen and the train station. The nearest exit road is in the vicinity (just a 5-minute drive).


Would you like to be considered for a stay in our artist residence? The Drents Museum offers (visual) artists, musicians and authors the opportunity to stay in Studio DM for a short period (one or a few weeks) or for a long period (minimum 3 months to maximum 6 months).

How do I qualify?

Please submit a brief plan, consisting of a CV and a substantive plan for your stay at Studio DM. The plan should include a connection with the collection of our museum and/or connection with Drenthe in general. You can submit a request via

Your application will be discussed by the director and chief curator. We determine the period and appropriate compensation together. This could, for example, be a lecture for relations or the organization of an open house. In addition, there is prior contact with each stay about the household rules and agreements.