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Deborah Poynton

The exhibition Beyond Belief by Deborah Poynton was previously planned from May 17 to September 27, 2020. Due to the measures against the further spread of the coronavirus, this exhibition has been moved. The exact date on which the exhibition will now open is not yet known. We expect to open the doors of this exhibition in the spring of 2021.

The Drents Museum is preparing for the exhibition of the paintings of Deborah Poynton (Durban, 1970). Deborah Poynton was born in South Africa and spent her childhood in Great Britain, Swaziland and the United States. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design for two years. At the age of nineteen she returned to South Africa, where she started painting full-time in Cape Town. Poynton is hardly known in the Netherlands, but the Drents Museum wants to change this and will be showing paintings that she has made during the past ten years. Below is the triptych "Beyond Belief", which Poynton made especially for the exhibition.

The monumental paintings by Deborah Poynton are created with great attention to the smallest detail. Poynton composes a non-existent reality from a few fixed models, nature and everyday objects. The beauty of the paintings attracts the viewer and gives him the feeling that he can enter a new world. Although Poynton does not put a message in her paintings, it still seems to the spectator as if she wants to tell a story. Poynton hereby emphasises that every spectator has their own perception.

With her paintings, she hopes to make the spectator really look again. Especially in a world full of images, this has become more difficult according to Poynton. The large size of the paintings promotes instinctive viewing, without use of the mind, because the viewer gets the feeling that he can step inside the painting. Poynton's exceptional realism brings her painted world close. Because she leaves parts of her paintings unfinished, she also shows what a painting actually is: a complete illusion