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Gratefully accepted: Matthijs Röling

  • 17 March till 25 August 2019
  • Drents Museum

Gift from the Röling and Adriaansen Collections

Due to its success, the exhibition Gratefully accepted: Matthijs Röling has been extended until 25th August 2019. In the exhibition the museum shows a large collection of work by Röling (Oostkapelle, 1943) from the private collections of Cees Röling and Ad and Willy Adriaansen. The still lifes, portraits and mythical representations of Röling are characterized by harmony. There is a hint of poetry and intimacy about everything. The documentary M.R. - in which Matthijs Röling looks back on his art career - can be seen at the exhibition.

Complimentary reactions
The exhibition has received favourable reactions from visitors. 'Great', 'Beautiful paintings', 'Magnificent', are some of the comments written in the museum's guest book. No fewer than 100 works of art, many of which have been donated by Cees Röling and Ad and Willy Adriaansen, can be admired in the exhibition Gratefully accepted: Matthijs Röling. Matthijs Röling's paintings are full of symbolism and references to a distant past or fantasy world. In his portraits and figure studies he shows people in all their facets. In his still lifes he uses material expression, light and colour as starting points. A large number of the works have never been exhibited before.

Young old master
Matthijs Röling decided to be one of the first artists in the Netherlands to return to figurative art and not to follow the abstract and conceptual art of his time. It is precisely the classical themes and techniques that attract him. Röling is also called "the youngest of the old masters". He wants to paint realistically with the traditional perfection of the old masters; to add something to that tradition. Röling is one of the greatest figurative artists in the Netherlands.

Documentary M.R.
In the documentary M.R. the makers, Marrit Koopmans and Walker Pachler, follow Matthijs Röling in his daily life. Röling has not been painting for years. He now spends his days in his home in Ezinge. His home and garden were used many times as a backdrop in his paintings: an environment of geometric shapes, seemingly ancient ruins and the starry sky. As the seasons pass, Matthijs looks back in the film on a lifetime of painting and drawing. M.R. can be seen during the exhibition in the cinema. The production is provided by Stichting DITISOPRECHT in a co-production with Stichting Beeldlijn.

The publication Matthijs Röling. Keuze uit het werk has been produced in conjunction with this exhibition. The book is published by Van Gorcum and available in the Museum Shop for € 24.95.