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The Largest Doll’s House in the Netherlands

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  • Drents Museum

The Doll’s House takes you back to 18th-century Drenthe. This was a time when wigs were in fashion. There was no electricity. Carrier pigeons took care of communications and good manners were everything. A visit to this house is exciting for young and old alike: a historic discovery of our world as it was 250 years ago. This is an experience you’ll not soon forget!

Bringing dolls to life

The owner of the doll’s house, played by well-known Dutch actress Liz Snoijink, introduces you to her ‘dolls’: the distinguished Van Lier family and their staff. You can choose your favourite family member to take you on a fascinating multimedia tour of the house. Will it be master of the house Johannes Van Lier, his daughter Barbara, their cook Tallegien or one of the other inhabitants? Choose quickly, there’s so much that needs to be done! The rooms need dusting, the silverware needs polishing and the kitchen staff has to prepare a delicious festive dinner, because Governor Willem V is coming to visit. The choice is yours.

The Largest Doll’s House in the Netherlands