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Charlotte Schleiffert

  • 20 February till 8 May 2022
  • Drents Museum

From 18 February 2022, the exhibition installation Tolerance Test by Charlotte Schleiffert (1967) will be on show in the Netherlands for the first time.

Her metre-high fantasy figures gather in a circle and are theatrically presented with light, sound and a story.

For decades, Charlotte Schleiffert (1967) has been painting hybrid creatures: grotesque types born from collages of times, styles, cultures and genders. Schleiffert's fantasy figures embody pure zest for life. They are 'survivors', warriors in the struggle for existence. In the installation Tolerance Test, her fantasy creatures gather in a circle. Will it be a ritual performance, a fraternal gathering or will it turn into a murderous brawl? That remains to be seen, as the audience is invited to take their places in the circle.

Charlotte Schleiffert, installation Tolerance Test, 2021