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DMspotlight: Leipziger Schule

  • 14 October 2023 till 3 March 2024
  • Drents Museum

The wonderful world of the Leipziger Schule

From 14 October to 3 March, the presentation DMspotlight - The wonderful world of the Leipziger Schule will be on display in the museum's cabinets. More than 20 works by different artists will be shown, all from our own collection.

When does an artist belong to the Leipziger Schule? Artists who taught or studied at the famous Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig are part of the Leipziger Schule. The styles and techniques of these artists vary enormously, but all of them base their work on reality. Realism and craft are central to the German school. Teachers there emphasise technique and students take classes in anatomy, perspective and use of materials.

Neue Leipziger Schule
Step into the wonderful world of the Leipziger Schule. You will see strange scenes, colourful paintings and works that challenge you to complete the story yourself, where it is important to also look closely at the details.

Matthias Weischer, Bulb (2020)

Titus Schade, Die Drei Windmühlen (2020)

Mirjam Völker, Klemme (2020)

The Drents Museum and the Leipziger Schule
Besides works on canvas, we also present a video in this exhibition, explaining what the Leipziger Schule is, what the relationship between the Drents Museum and the Leipziger Schule is and how this relationship came into being. The film features artists Kristina Schuldt, Rosa Loy, Ulrich Hachulla and general director Harry Tupan.

The interview with Rosa Loy behind the scenes

The interview with Ulrich Hachulla behind the scenes

The artists
DMspotlight features work by Katrin Brause, Jan Dörre, Falk Gernegross, Denis Hahn, Aris Kalaizis, Martin Kobe, Corinne von Lebusa, Matthias Ludwig, Rosa Loy, Malte Maseman, Ulf Puder, Christoph Ruckhäberle,Titus Schade, David Schnell, Kristina Schuldt, Robert Seidel, Mirjam Völker and Matthias Weischer.