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Saskia Boelsums

  • 4 July till 25 October 2020
  • Drents Museum

From July 4 to October 25, 2020, the exhibition Saskia Boelsums - Landscape revisited can be seen in the Drents Museum. 

This exhibition was previously shown in our exhibition space in KINK, but was only open briefly because of corona measures. As the doors of KINK have now been closed permanently, this beautiful exhibition has moved to the Drents Museum! The artworks of Saskia Boelsums, Artist of the year 2020, are overwhelming, picturesque and show the beauty of the landscape. A large proportion of the works shown were made in Drenthe. A number of these artworks can be seen for the first time in Landscape revisited.

Picturesque art
Saskia Boelsums is a visual artist with a camera. Her landscapes with dramatic skies are often compared to those of the Dutch Masters. There is tension in the works: the pale reflection of moonlight on a frozen puddle, the golden yellow glow of a grain field at the end of summer and an almost transparent green wave in a turbulent grey sea. The tranquility and dynamic nature of the Drenthe landscape are a great source of inspiration for the artist. In the exhibition are works from Drenthe that have never been seen before. But also places outside Drenthe, including the Wadden Sea islands, can be admired.

Saskia Boelsums, Landscape #19

Saskia Boelsums, Landscape#21

Saskia Boelsums
Saskia Boelsums graduated in spatial and graphic design from the Minerva Academy in Groningen in the early 1990s. At the beginning of her career she mainly made spatial installations, but since 2013 Boelsums has focused entirely on photography. She started with still life photography, then experimented with portraits and eventually moved on to landscapes. She has shown her work around the world in cities such as Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Moscow, Hong Kong and New York. Saskia lives and works in rural southeast Drenthe and is Artist of the Year 2020.

Previously featured in KINK
The Landscape Revisited exhibition was previously featured in KINK. Because of the closure due to corona measures, few people have had the chance to visit it. We are therefore pleased that we can still display the works of Saskia Boelsums in the Drents Museum itself. The exhibition can be seen from Saturday 4 July to Sunday 25 October 2020. Please note: the museum is only accessible upon presentation of a pre-purchased online ticket.

Online exhibition Saskia Boelsums
Would you like to marvel at the beautiful works of Saskia Boelsums online? Then take a look at the digital exhibition that Boelsums has made. This can be admired via the  website of Saskia Boelsums.