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Wout Muller

  • 24 January till 1 October 2020
  • Drents Museum

Exactly twenty years after the death of artist Wout Muller (1946-2000), the Drents Museum opens the presentation Wout Muller.

Muller's paintings are intriguing and quirky, with the female nude being a recurring feature. In addition to his paintings of voluptuous women, Muller also designed hundreds of book covers, three-dimensional objects and monumental works. Wout Muller can be seen in the Drents Museum from 24th January to 13th September 2020 and is in memory of an eccentric artist.

Feminine beauty
Figurative artist Wout Muller is known for his artworks that focus on the female nude. In addition to his interest in the human body, Muller was also fascinated by biology. His dreamy landscapes are therefore a combination of female nudes with mushrooms, strange creatures and plants. Muller's paintings are characterized by well-considered compositions and the traditional refined technique of applying oil paint in thin layers. The presentation features no fewer than 16 artworks and 19 book covers by Muller.

Wout Muller
Wout Muller was born in 1946 in Hilversum. In 1967 he obtained his degree in Fine Arts - Printmaking at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After his studies Muller taught for a long time at the Minerva Academy in Groningen. In 1994 he moved with his wife to Ireland, where he died on 24th January 2000. Wout Muller belongs to the top of Dutch figurative painting.