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Visitor policies

The Drents Museum kindly requests all visitors to adhere to the following regulations.

Photography is permitted inside the museum; however, flash photography and the use of tripods or selfie sticks is not allowed. Bright flashlight can be damaging to the artefacts on display. Photos may only be used for non-commercial purposes. For professional photography, please apply for advance permission by e-mail at

The Drents Museum is a smoke-free building.

Luggage & coats
Umbrellas, coats and bags larger than letter size or A4 size are not allowed inside the museum. We aim to minimize the risk of damage to artefacts at the museum. Bags and umbrellas can be stored free of charge in lockers at the wardrobe. Insert a one euro coin (which will be returned when you open the locker) or ask for special coins at the Info Desk. Small bags and purses are allowed inside the museum.

Food and drink
Outside food and drinks are not permitted in the museum. 

Registered guide and assist dogs are welcome at the museum. No other pets are allowed, however.

Distance to artworks on display
However tempting it may be, it is not permitted to touch the artworks on display. Even if it’s not visible initially, artworks sustain damage every time they’re touched. Please maintain a safe distance when viewing the artworks.

Strollers, buggies and back baby carriers
The museum is accessible to families with strollers or buggies. However, access to some rooms is difficult or impossible; please click here for exceptions.

Back carriers are not allowed in exhibition areas. Please store them free of charge in one of our lockers. If they don’t fit inside the lockers, please ask one of our attendants at the Info Desk. They will gladly keep an eye on your carrier. There is a buggy available for loan at the museum. Please make a reservation for the buggy by phone at +31 592 377 773 or ask one of our attendants at the entrance. Front baby carriers are allowed at the museum.

There is a nappy-changing facility in one of the disabled toilets. Disabled toilets are located near the wardrobe and at the Grandcafé Krul.

Wheelchairs, rollators and folding chairs
The museum is for the most part accessible to visitors in wheelchairs or visitors who have difficulty walking. Unfortunately, not all rooms are accessible. Please click here for more information on accessibility of the museum.

The museum has a number of wheelchairs and rollators available for loan. We recommend calling ahead for reservations at +31 592 377 773, or ask one of our attendants at the entrance.

If you’d like to sit down for a while during you visit, please take one of our folding chairs. These are on loan free of charge at the Info Desk.

Guided tours
The museum offers a number of guided tours. Our experienced museum guides are happy to help you explore the museum. Third-party guides are not permitted without prior consent from the museum.

The museum has an emergency plan in effect. In case of emergencies, always follow directions given by security staff, police or fire services. The emergency plan covers evacuation of visitors with disabilities.