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ANBI stands for algemeen nut beogende instelling or public benefit organization. An organization will only receive the ANBI status if at least 90 percent of its activities benefit the public.

ANBI Drents Museum Foundation

The aims of the Drents Museum Foundation are:

a. The continuation of the Drents Museum.
b. The collecting, taking on loan and managing of objects relating to the cultural history, handicrafts, archaeology, art from around 1900 and contemporary figurative art of Drenthe.
c. The preservation, holding in loan, managing and improving of the collection, and the conservation of objects in the collection.
d. Giving the public the opportunity to become familiar with the objects under (b) and informing the public about the production of these objects, their social and cultural background and the periods in which they were made.
e. Presenting elements of the collection in their mutual relationships.
f. All other activities related directly or indirectly to the above aims or helping to achieve them in the widest possible sense.

Remuneration policy

All employees of the Drents Museum – including the director/manager – are remunerated in accordance with the provincial collective labour agreement.
Members of the Board of Trustees receive compensation for costs incurred and attendance fees.

Contact details

Stichting Drents Museum

P.O. Box 134 
9400 AC Assen
Visiting address: Brink 1, Assen
Telephone: +31 (0)592 - 377 773

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RSIN: 807433433
Chamber of Commerce number: 04058105