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mission vision and policy

If you visit Drenthe, you must visit the Drents Museum!

Here you will become acquainted with archaeology, art and history. Because our archaeological collection is unique in the Netherlands and the world, this is our main focus. Our archaeological exhibitions give you a glimpse into the oldest history of Drenthe and the Netherlands. And thanks to the combination with our collection of 19th-century and contemporary art, a visit to our museum is always varied and surprising.

Digitalisation and sustainability are high on the agenda and seep into everything we do. We want to be an open house for society, so we continuously strive to remove as many barriers as possible. With our Young Culture Club and the Friends of the Drents Museum, we build long-term relationships with people who care about our museum. We are a social entrepreneur and want to be a supporter of other museums in Drenthe. Together, we are strong and colour the cultural and Drenthe landscape.


The Drents Museum shows a view of the world and offers the world a view of Drenthe. The museum belongs to and is for everyone.

The Drents Museum aims to be a successful museum of international significance, offering an enriching experience to as many people as possible with stories about archaeology, art and history.

See ourĀ strategic vision 2021-2024 here.

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