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Pingo boxen

Unfortunately, due to the corona virus, you can’t visit our new Bar Brasserie Pingo and enjoy all the goodies that Pingo has to offer. We think that’s a great pity! And that is why you can now enjoy our special catering packages at home. With this you will also be supporting the Drents Museum. Below we tell you more about the different packages, the options for collection and delivery and how you can order.


Box 1: Lunch à la Henk Helmantel!

€ 25,- 
Two persons

Artist Henk Helmantel loves local fruit and vegetables and feels connected to the seasons! In this box we introduce you to one of Helmantel's favourite vegetables: Eigenheimers (a crumbly potato with a yellow skin). This box also comes with a set of Helmantel postcards: it is nice to send extra cards to loved ones during this period. And with every order you get our DM Magazine as a gift. This lunch box is suitable for two people and costs € 25,-

•    Eigenheimer cream soup
•    Potato flake roll
•    Puffed garlic butter
•    Alioli dip
•    Postcards (8 cards) by Henk Helmantel
•    DM Magazine

Box 2: Appetizers Pingo style

€ 40,-
Two persons

Bar Brasserie Pingo stands for Drenthe, authentic and local! So we also provide a delicious Drenthe cocktails box. In this box you will find an assortment of various Drenthe cheeses with Pingo garnish. With this box you will also receive the Henk Helmantel - The Most Dutch Still Life jigsaw puzzle consisting of 1000 pieces. A complete box for a pleasant afternoon or evening together.

The box contains:
•    Assortment of 3 cheeses from Kaaslust
•    Potato flake roll
•    Pingo Toast
•    Alioli dip
•    Fig jam
•    Nuts & grapes
•    Puzzle: Henk Helmantel - The Most Dutch Still Life (1000 pieces)
•    DM Magazine

Reservations can be made via 0592 - 377 741 or, but must be made at least one day in advance. The boxes can be collected at Bar Brasserie Pingo from Tuesday to Friday between 12:00 and 17:00. Details about the pick-up location are included in the confirmation email.
Do you live in Assen? Then the box can be delivered free of charge by one of our employees.

Pingo: our new Bar Brasserie

You can now visit Bar Brasserie Pingo, our new catering facility in the museum. Pingo consists of a makeover of the old cafe with a spectacular extension. The new brasserie has a new catering concept developed by Vermaat Groep. The Drenthe landscape has been the source of inspiration, where the flavours of Drenthe (local, traditional, pure and hospitality) have been given a modern and contemporary look.


The word Pingo means 'hill that grows’ in the language of the Inuit: hills that during the last Ice Age had an ever-expanding core of ice. After the ice melted, a small round pond remained. There are an estimated 2500 pingo remains in Drenthe, of which we can still recognize many dozens in the landscape. Pingo connects the Drents Museum to the Drenthe landscape.

House rules corona

To guarantee your and our safety, special house rules have been drawn up against the spread of corona. Read the house rules that apply to Bar Brasserie Pingo and the rest of the museum.