Opening hours:

Open: tue up to and including sun 11.00 - 17.00 hour
Extra open on mondays during the summer holidays



Group visits

Due to the corona measures it is not yet possible to plan a group visit to the museum. By a group we mean a number of people who do not belong to 1 household. Please keep an eye on the website for possible changes.

Would you like to take a tour of the museum with a professional guide, for an in-depth visit? Or would you like to know just a bit more than we’re telling individual visitors? When you’re visiting with a group, we’d be happy to offer you a guided tour.

Guided tours

All tours are hosted by our experienced team of tour guides. Most tours consist of two parts: a brief introduction in one of our beautiful reception rooms, followed by a visit to the relevant exhibition(s).

Third-party guides are not permitted to provide tours of the building or the exhibitions without prior consent from the Drents Museum.