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Privacy policy


The information on this website is made available by the Drents Museum. Although we take utmost care to keep this website as complete, correct, up-to-date and accessible as possible, it may still contain out-of-date information. Dates and titles of exhibitions and activities are subject to change at any time. No legal rights may be derived from the information given and Drents Museum cannot be held liable for consequences resulting from the use of this information. The Drents Museum needs some personal details to fulfil your orders or answer your questions. This information will be treated confidentially and with due care. The Drents Museum will not divulge personal details of registered website visitors or museum visitors to third parties, unless there is a statutory obligation to do so. Children under the age of 18 always need permission from their parents/guardians when placing orders or submitting contact information. Visits to the Drents Museum website are logged, for example to determine which page is visited most often or which services are most popular. The aim of this data collection is optimization of the website to create a more worthwhile experience for our visitors. Data processing is strictly anonymous and confidential.

Privacy rule

The Drents Museum takes the utmost care to protect the privacy of its visitors and complies fully with the Personal Data Protection Act (WBP).
All e-mail messages are handled by the anonymous mailing system of this website. The system uses known e-mail addresses to send automated messages. All personal information is used only for the purpose for which guests and users initially supplied it. E-mail addresses are not accessible or visible to other visitors of this website. We guarantee that no personal information is made available to third parties or other departments of any participating organization.

Wireless Network Policy of Use

The wireless network made available to visitors in parts of the Drents Museum is intended for personal, non-commercial use. Use the network at your own risk. The Drents Museum offers no support for accessing the network and does not guarantee uninterrupted access or the quality and speed of the connection. The Drents Museum cannot be held liable for consequences resulting from poor or interrupted connection.
Improper use of the wireless network - that is, all unlawful activities - is prohibited. Users engaging in unlawful activities will be held liable for any resulting damage to the Drents Museum. Unlawful activities will be reported to the proper authorities.
The Drents Museum cannot be held liable for information put on the internet by users. The Drents Museum cannot be held liable for the loss or theft of equipment following from its use at the Drents Museum.