Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 11.00 to 17.00


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Food & drink

If you are in for a smooth cappuccino or espresso, or if you would like to enjoy a tasty lunch, you are very welcome in our stylish Grand Café Krul. Choose from a wide variety of honest dishes such as main-course salads, sandwiches and ‘Old Favorites’. Grand Café Krul's culinary team aims to use local and eco-friendly products wherever possible, preferably with the Drentsgoed label. The café offers free WiFi; catering is provided by Bos&Bos Catering/Alescon.

Russian dishes

During major exhibitions, the Grand Café offers a special menu inspired by the theme of the exhibition. The current menu is inspired by The Great Liao, with Mongolian culinary specialities.

Goulash, beef stew with wild rice and Greek yoghurt € 9,50

“Buuz”, ravioli filled with egg plant and basil with tomato sauce and capers 

€ 8,50
“Huushuur”, poultry pie with bread, sweet and sour € 8,50
“Guriltai Shul”, noodle soup with beef and vegetables € 7,50

“Dim”, dimsum fillled with pork and sweet and sour sauce (5 pieces)

€ 6,00
“Selbeg khavirga”, ribs with shar sauce               € 5,50


Group visits

Group visits to the GrandcCafé are also possible, in private or public meetings. The Grand Café offers special arrangements, and the menu can be tailored to suit specific needs. For more information, please call Bos&Bos Catering at +31 50 525 3326.