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Georg Rueter

With her rosy complexion and glossy lips, this girl seems incredibly alive. But it is above all her beautiful, shining eyes that capture the viewer. Rueter (1875-1966) has depicted his daughter’s gaze perfectly. The quiet concentration of her father, for whom Freya is quietly posing on her tenth birthday, is tangible. Watching him work, she seems to be patiently waiting until she can get up from her chair to go and play. Rueter painted his other children - Maria, Georg (‘Pam’) en Gerarda (‘Meik’) - more than once too. His gift for texture, his refined sense of colour and virtuoso technique made him one of the best portraitists of his generation. He was also successful as a painter of floral still lifes, a graphic designer, book decorator and stained-glass artist.

Georg Rueter, De verjaardagskroon (The Birthday Crown), 1907