Opening hours:

closed until April 20, 2021



Redesign Drents Museum

The museum will become even more attractive in the coming years with a new presentation of the collection. As a result, you may not be able to see certain exhibits, you may come across a closed room or you may experience some disruption from the construction activities. But we shall be staying open with beautiful exhibitions and activities. There is more than enough to see and experience for everyone in the coming period!

At the moment our archeology collection, including the oldest boat in the world, Drenthe history and contemporary realism are not on display.

Pay attention! The Yde girl can be seen again temporarily in the Bog bodies exhibition.


What can you see in the museum?

We will keep you informed online about what can and cannot be seen. Also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information and to get a look behind the scenes.

Of course there is still plenty to admire in our museum! For example, The Largest Doll’s House in the Netherlands and Codename: Energy are open to our public. We also offer a very varied exhibition program. Click here to see which exhibitions are now on view.


New collection presentation

We expect that the new presentation of our collection will be available from 2023. From then on, the archaeological pieces will also be shown again, including the Pesse canoe and the Zweeloo princess.