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Main sponsors

The Drents Museum is proud of its long-standing collaboration with the Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij (NAM), main sponsor and partner of the Children’s Museum. With its expertise in national and international collaboration and certainly also through its history, the NAM, like the Drents Museum, has deep roots in Dutch society. Since 2012, the NAM is partner of the Children’s Museum, a special place for kids aged 6 to 12 years. Clearly, energy and culture go together well. The museum is very pleased that 2015 saw the 25th anniversary of the NAM sponsorship, which On that occasion, the NAM continued it for another five years.



Waterleidingmaatschappij Drenthe
Waterleidingmaatschappij Drenthe (WMD: Drenthe Water Company) has been a main sponsor of the Drents Museum since 2012. Both the museum and the WMD perform their duties in a socially responsible manner, and both have deep roots in Drenthe’s society. In 2015, the WMD continued its sponsorship for another five years.

The ING Group and the Drents Museum have been connected since 2000. Up to 2010, this collaboration was mainly collection-oriented: the museum and ING shared their expertise on contemporary Dutch figurative art. Occasionally, ING supported exhibitions financially, for example those dedicated to Pieter Pander, Peter Hartwig and Henk Helmantel. To crown the collaboration, in 2010 ING donated 273 paintings and drawings to the Drents Museum. Culture has always been important to ING clients and employees. ING endeavours to make art and culture available to a wide audience, which is why it sponsors various art and culture projects all over the world. The Drents Museum is very happy that ING is once again continuing its main sponsorship by three years in 2016.