Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.



Labyrinthia, our completely renewed collection presentation, will open in the spring of 2024. In Labyrinthia, visitors will take a magical journey of discovery through fifteen rooms of the museum. The journey takes you past all our masterpieces, such as the Yde girl, the Pesse canoe and Van Gogh's paintings. In addition, many other works from our collection are given a special place in the presentation.

Multimedia collection presentation
Listen to iconic stories, go on a mammoth hunt, look through the eyes of Vincent van Gogh or paddle a canoe through the ancient bog landscape. In Labyrinthia archaeology, art and history come together in a surprising mix.

Enjoy a multimedia experience. In a journey through different rooms, wander through our historic building complex and experience the museum collection in a spectacular way. Each room has a completely unique experience, as if you were really in the middle of the story. The collection presentation is accessible to everyone. The interactive character also makes the presentation ideal for families with children.   

Hall of beauty

Paddle in the Pesse canoe